Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a form of therapy that invloves animals as a form of treatment.  The goal of AAT is to improve a patients social, emotional, mental health or cognitive functioning. We base our interventions on Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) and not in a clinical setting.

Our animals are specifically chosen for their calm natures and many are suitable for this type of therapy.  Our animals can be used in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, residential homes, schools, nurseries, hospitals, prisions, in your home or even in our own establishment.

Individual programmes can be delevloped or we can do group sessions.  Sessions can be built in many ways and could just involve handling and taking comfort from the animals to working with our handlers to train and care for them.
What AAA/AAT can achieve!

Improve fine motor skills
Improve assisted or independent movement
Increase self-esteem
Decrease anxiety or loneliness
Increase verbal communication
Develop social skills
Increase willingness to join in with activities
Improve interactions with others

AAT/AAA has for a long time been proven to help children and adult with autism and eldery with dementia.  However, animals are en excellent way to break boundaries and is useful intervention for a whole host of reasons.  

Please get in touch if you require further information to how AAA/AAT can help you.

On site sessions

External Sessions

These can be for small groups or 1-1.  This is an ideal opportunity for more hands on opportunity to learn more about the animals and their care.  Planning sessions are FREE. Sessions start from £50. 
We can come to your setting, session are 1 hour long and we can bring a choice of animal which is most apporiate for you. Planning sessions (without animals) are FREE.  Sessions start from £100