Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to include as many of the common questions we are asked, but please feel free to contact us for more information.
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    How many animals do you bring?
    We bring 6-8 animals and we try to get through as many animals as possible in the hour and this is an average amount we get through. Size of party can have an impact on this.
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    Can we pick our animals?
    Where possible we ask for your preference and generally we can accommodate many of your requests, but this is not guaranteed. For welfare reasons there are many reasons (too many to list) why some animals cannot come out.
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    Are all your animals handleable?
    Generally yes, our animals are chosen for their temperaments, but our animal handlers will always observe the animals behaviour & may need to put animals away if they seem stressed.
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    Is there an age limit?
    No, we just ask that children under 5 only handle and stroke animals with an adult. We cover from babies to the elderly.
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    Can the animals bite?
    All animals can bite and without removing an animals teeth, there is always a risk! All of the animals we bring out of free of zoonotic diseases & our handlers are will keep an eye on a animals behaviour and this is a very rare occurrence.
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    Do you need adults to supervise?
    We need adults to supervise all children and are responsible for managing their behaviour. Our handlers only concern is for the welfare of the animals and this is a difficult job. Our staff are animal handlers and not children's entertainers.
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    Do we need to prepare anything?
    The animals do not like noisey environments and we ask that while we are there that any music is turned off and there are no balloons around. We have children sat on the floor for the safety of animals. We leave minimal mess.
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    How long are you with us?
    We try arrive 10 mins early to set up, sessions last 1 hour. From time to time, for reasons beyond our control (traffic, directions), lateness can happen, but we will always contact you to keep you informed of any problems
If you have more questions please contact us