Where you have a fear of spider, snakes, bird, etc.  We can help you get over your fear through bespoke sessions.  We can do these 1-1 or with supportive friends around you. 

2.Egg incubation

We can supply an incubator and eggs.  You can chose a variety of breeds including ducks, chickens and quail.  This is ideal project for children, either at home or school.  You then have a choice of keeping the chicks in with you for up to 2 weeks and giving them back for us to rehome, or keeping a few or all the chicks (cost will depend on breed).
Prices start from £50.

3.Animal Assisted Therapy

We are trained in Animal Assisted Therapy and can work with you to provide bespoke packages, either as a one of or a short/long term programmes.

We can use specific animals or you can choose a variety.  We can come into centres, home, school environments.  There is huge benefits to this type therapy please get in touch to learn more.