Meet the stars of the show

BUDDY the Opossum

Duprasi Gerbil 

HOGGLE the Skunk

LARGARTHA the Barn Owl


African Pygmy Hedgehog

MERLIN and MILO the Meercats

Skinny Pigs

RANGO the Chameleon

WELLINGTON the Lesser Tenrec

GONZO the Common Tenrec


CHARLIE the Bosc Moniter

Bearded Dragon

Giant African Land Snails

 Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

THORN the Chilean Rose Tarantula

Uromastryx - Spiny Tailed Lizard

Albert Guinea Pig 

   GINGER the Corn Snake ​

MAGIC the Hermann Tortoise

Milky the Blizzard snake - picture to come

TIMMY The Ferret

CLIVE the Crested Gecko